Installation Guide

Axiom Exports Installation Guide                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             























Axiom Exports Installation Guide



Step 1                  Each panel should be checked and made free of dirt, sand, or loose particles.


Step 2             If the back of the product is dry, dampen it first with a wet sponge, but do not saturate. This prevents the stone from pulling the moisture from

                        the adhesive, allowing it to cure naturally and with a stronger bond.


Step 3                It is also important that they rest on a secure base such as a concrete floor or footing to  help carry the weight and ensure the level stays consistent until                                    the thinset sets up.


Step 4                Prepare Adhesive: Mix kerabond plus & isolastic pure in a bucket


Step 5              Apply adhesive to the back of each tile/panel and to the wall with 10mm notched trowel .


Step 6              By applying the adhesive to the back of each tile and to the wall, this ensures the maximum possible adhesion to your wall surface, as all the gaps, voids                                    and cracks are filled.


Step 7              Press each rock panel into the adhesive, rotating slightly, forcing some of the thinset to squeeze out freely.

Step 8                 Remember tight joints will provide a neat appearance.


Step 9                 Start at corner & apply 3 or 4 rows.


Step 10               Ensure straight level surface & continue till then the completion.













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